It just so happens that we have no testimonials for aXalar yet (we only launched in February and our first activity is scheduled for 12-17 May!)
But we do have testimonials for Barberà de la Conca from people who participated in a volunteer WorkAway/Host programme with Anne and her partner Jordi.

Clint, Texas

"I found the entire village of Barberà de la Conca beautiful, welcoming and full of people who enjoy helping and spending time with one another. The amazing architecture, stunning vistas, and happy people have truly made an impression on me that I won't soon forget." 

Claire, Ireland

"The village is stunning, unique and special. Lots to do and see in the surrounding areas and very accessible to Tarragona, Reus and Barcelona also! The locals are priceless, such warm, friendly and open minded people who are a pleasure to get to know."

Tzuzu, Romania

"Spending time in Barberà was a pleasure! The beautiful village, the long walks in nature on rosemary scented paths, the delicious food, having the chance to spend time with the locals and great talks made this week a truly wonderful experience. "

Drew, Wisconsin

"A beautiful town and home make you feel welcomed from the start." 

And click here to see additional comments by guests at Les Voltes (the apartment run by Anne and Jordi since 2016), which has consistently received top ratings!  

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