aXalar was only founded in February 2019, with the launch of As I walked out, but we already have several other projects in the pipeline, all building on our local knowledge of the traditions and culture of our community and our experience of hosting guests and organizing events. They include further walking, wine- and art-related activities, and various combinations thereof, for individuals, families and groups. You can sign up below for updates and please feel free to contact us if you would like a particular combination of activities. We would also love to hear from you with suggestions of activities you would like to see or even perhaps host with our help. 


As long as an idea or activity is befitting of our philosophy and our name aXalar, the world's your oyster!

"In wine, there is truth"

We are currently working on wine-related activity breaks that, building on the rich wine-making traditions of this region, incorporate visits to vineyards, 'wine cathedrals', cellars and museums. 

"Painter, paint!"

We are currently developing art-related activity breaks designed for amateur, leisure and would-be artists, drawing on Barberà de la Conca's links with art and artists developed through its annual Trepat Vi + Art festival.

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