In keeping with the traditions and culture of our community, we focus mainly on walking, wine-related and art-related activities, both scheduled and bespoke. See below for activities programmed for 2019. For bespoke activities for small and large groups, we offer two broad options:

  • Single-theme or combined walking, trekking, wine, art, architecture and/or culture activity (see the scheduled activities for ideas)

  • Weekend break, holiday or special event designed by you, designed by us based on your ideas, or hosted by you

As long as an idea or activity is befitting of our philosophy and our name aXalar, the world's your oyster! Click on the photos to read more. 

As I walked out

Walk out in a beautiful rural wine-growing region well off the beaten track, between vineyards, olive and almond groves and fields of wild flowers, all against a backdrop of distant green hills. Click on the photo to read more.

12-17 May - from €690

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Painter, paint!

Release your creativity genie in the most congenial of rural settings in daily tutored art sessions and art-related and cultural activities. Click on the photo to read more. 

1-6 October - from €590

Lady painting.jpg

In vino veritas

Experience the cava- and wine-making process from vine to wine from the perspective of biodynamic vineyards, family-owned wineries and Spain's oldest wine cooperative. Click on the photo to read more.  

24-26 May/13-15 Sept  - from €185


Form your own group for our As I walked out, In vino veritas, or Painter, paint! activities at other times of the year, or build your own activity! Click on the photo to read more.

All year

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